International Senior Citizens Day 2022

This International senior citizen's Day let's strive for their better physical, mental and cognitive health!

Breast Cancer and Liver Cancer Awareness Month.

Thyroid Cancer Awareness Month


World Alzheimer’s Month 2022

Eisai India conducted awareness programs on Alzheimer's in Mumbai and Vizag on 25th September with the theme #CrackTheWalnut. Senior doctors shared tips on the detection of Alzheimer's and the means to manage it. Eisai India employees, Senior Citizens and members of the NGO enthusiastically participated in the memory walk. Eisai India's management team also shared how the company is at the forefront of fighting Alzheimer's through its continuous research and quality products. #Oneeisai #alzheimersawareness #Dementiaawareness



5.3 million elderlies in India suffer with Dementia. Not all seek treatment as they are unaware that forgetfulness is not a normal part of normal ageing making them go in a shell. This World Alzheimer’s Month, we wish to reach out to everyone to become more aware and help more people to get to know Dementia/Alzheimer’s disease and recognize its early symptoms better helping them break the Alzheimer's Shell. After all, early diagnosis means early treatment and early treatment means better Quality of Life for Alzheimer’s patients! How can you #CrackTheWalnut this World Alzheimer’s Month: Check for the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease in your loved ones above 60 years of age Reach out to people, especially those above age 60, to get screening done for Alzheimer’s Disease and live longer, healthier lives and protect their Right To Remember!