The Eisai Group defines its research and development (R&D) activities as “product creation” under the belief that R&D is a cornerstone of our mission to ensure that innovative drugs demonstrated to improve patients' quality of life (QOL) are delivered to patients as early as possible. The Group's R&D organization, Eisai Product Creation Systems (EPCS), strives to create innovative drugs based on an understanding of the emotions and realities of patients in order to effectively address unmet medical needs.

EPCS combines venture-like productivity and speed with the knowledge resources of a global pharmaceutical company to establish a system that shortens development timelines so as to contribute to the treatment of diseases for which sufficient treatment does not yet exist and the creation of innovative new drugs that improve the QOL of patients and their caregivers

The company's areas of R&D focus include neuroscience; oncology; vascular, inflammatory and immunological reaction; and antibody-based programs.

EPCS function in Eisai India has strong capability in the area of process and analytical research of API/NCE. Team is responsible for the development of new cost effective and environmentally friendly processes and manufacturing clinical trial material for ENW companies. EPCS in India also supports other EPCS locations for low cost contract research and manufacturing services.

EPCS researchers at Eisai India are highly motivated, best in the industry and have clearly defined responsibilities which make them very productive and efficient. Products in our global research pipeline can be seen by clicking the link below

Major R&D Pipe line List